Shaun has run the Expat in Mazarrón YouTube channel since arriving in Spain in 2015. It’s all about his living on Camposol, Murcia, places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain. He also set up a group called Camposol Explorers which is about going out exploring once a month in the Murcia Region and beyond.

Shaun recently had a successful hip operation which was successful and he is now recovering. Once he is up and walking again normal without sticks, the outings will start again later; this year hopefully. In the meantime, he will be posting some interesting locations, not far from Camposol that you can visit.

Puerto de
About a 20 minute drive from Camposol, down the RM3 to Mazarrón Town is Puerto de Mazarrón. There are plenty of places to park and your first place to visit is the Tourist Information Office, right in the centre of the Port. There are plenty of signs to help you find the office. Once inside, ask for a free map of the Port and ask about places to visit and explore. They will ring the places on the map for you to find.
Roman Salt Preserving Factory Museum
Next to the Port facilities, you will find a small Museum that was a large salting factory, built by the Romans during the 4th-5th Centuries AD. This occupied a large area on the right bank of the Port. The current Museum preserves part of the structures of this important building. The characteristic elements common to all the factories were the salting pools or tanks in which the fish were macerated with salt and different products were made, such as the so-called Garum, the most famous of fish sauces. 

Phoenician Boat
Interpretation Centre
On the right hand side as you drive into Puerto de Mazarrón from Bolnuevo, there is a small Museum telling the story about the two Phoenician boats that were found whilst building the new harbor. These boats are the oldest ever found in the Mediterranean. You will also notice if driving from Mazarrón Town into the Port, the two Phoenician boats (sculptures) on the roundabout.
The new harbour has a large underground parking area, with many bars, restaurants and not forgetting, the beach. This is very sandy and you can walk out into the sea quite a distance before you need to swim. During the summer months, there is loads going on including Jet Ski events:
You can hire jet skis.
There are boat trips to see the dolphins or explore along the coast.
You can go fishing on boats – in a group, or just hire a boat yourself.
There are outdoor movie events on the beach during the summer months.
There is plenty for the kids including bouncy castles in the sea for the older kids.
For those wanting to keep trim – Yoga and keep fit classes on the beach. There are also special dog beaches for you and your dog.

Next month, I will talk about another interesting place not far from Camposol.
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