My name is Shaun and I’ve ran the Expat in Mazarron YouTube channel since arriving here in Spain in 2015. It’s all about me living in Spain, where I live (Camposol), places of interest, property, going out walking and many more things about Spain. I’ve set up a group called Camposol Explorers which is about exploring the Murcia Region and beyond once a month. If you want to join, please contact me on my FaceBook group Expat in Mazarron.

Our March outing to Mazarron Mines happened, our date was rained off and after a wet week we had a break in the weather. I went the day before just to make sure the tracks and paths were not muddy and were dry enough to walk on. The first photograph is what’s it´s all about at the Mines, the red pools which only happen after it´s rained.

Sat Nav location: ‘Las Minas de Mazarron Parking Lot’, about 10 minutes from Camposol. The carpark can get very busy but you can park in the road opposite. 

Brief History of the Mines: The Phoenicians came here to mine silver and then the Romans that mainly mined lead. At one time over 40,000 slaves were mining from Mazarron to Cartagena. After the Romans left, the mines were not busy. 

The salt marshes from Mazarron to the port became the main income for a long while. 1800’s onwards the mines became alive again. During the Californian gold rush, 1848, Mazarron area was supposed to have gold! 1849, no gold found. By the 1880’s onwards they were mining lead, iron ore, copper, silver and alum.

During this period children were working in the mines from 9 – 12 and in 1893 disaster struck. 28 people died from ‘carbon monoxide’ and soon after new mining laws came into practice. By the 1960’s the mines became unprofitable and shut down. Since then the Mazarron Mines have become very popular with tourists, photographers, weddings and the odd sci-fi film location. 

Some of us took some chairs and admired the views whilst others went off to explore the mining area. Just over an hours walking and chatting we returned to the cars and set off to see if the Mazarron Mine Museum was open – it was closed. I managed the day before to find it open and have added some video footage to the Camposol Explorers YouTube site which you can watch now.

We then went to Bolnuevo to the Oasis cafe for coffee and cake.

Our next outing will be in April, hopefully on the 8th, to “The Sanctuary of Hope”, near Calaspara. A  church in a mountain, a view point looking at the rice fields and a huge man-made lake.

Please check out the videos on my YouTube channel “Expat in Mazarron” and for up to date videos on new places and where else we are exploring in 2022 on “Camposol Explorers” YouTube channel.