This month we talk to Pat Ridler, President of the D Gardening and Community Group about the first half of the year and plans for the next 6 months.

Pat, you must be pleased with the first half of 2023?

“Yes, the Committee and I are very pleased. Not that it has been easy as the economic impact on resident’s income has really hit home. However, we have organized 3 successful events, continue to deliver a high-quality gardening service and generally support the D community”.

I imagine residents see the D Group as purely operating the gardening teams?

“Yes, whilst the gardening teams do a great job, we run community events such as the recent Street Party which was a huge success. Special thanks to Laurie our events co-ordinator.
We also provide community support and improvements. Examples of the latter are the refurbishment of the bin storage areas on Calle Esparrguera, Calle Babinas and the Lone Gardener area”.

How important is the Friday bucket collection?

“Very important. We need to raise 8,000€ each year just to cover our operating costs. These include running the van and trailer, liability insurance, bank charges, replacement equipment and materials. Plus funding our development projects such as the bin refurbishments and recent weed spraying, where we sprayed all the private roads on D.

The Friday bucket collection is generally between: Winter 9.30am–11.30am and Summer 9am–11am. It is the main source of income for the Group. We value these donations as without them we could not deliver our range of services. So please continue donating. If all residents on D donated 1€, that would make such a difference.

We also raise a small surplus from events, but focus on community engagement rather than excess profits from them. Finally, we receive small donations for memorial tree planting or benches.

You can donate to our group via Bank Transfer or PayPal. Every little bit helps. Contact us for information.

It is also important to note that the Committee manages its spend very carefully and ensures your donations are used to provide maximum benefit to the community”.

And the next 6 months?

“The autumn season starts with our Summer Ball. Always a popular event where residents get dressed up and dance the night away. 4th October at Hotel Playa Grande in Pto de Mazarrón.

This is followed by the preparation for Remembrance Sunday, where our new cross will feature in our poppy displays. Culminating with lighting up D for Christmas and the Carol Service.

Our gardening teams will be re-starting from September and this year we are looking to create local teams who will maintain their local verges etc. on a monthly basis. Interested? Contact us via our Facebook page.

We will also work with our local Council to ensure the quality of the work carried out by their Grounds Contractor working on Calle Covachos stays at a high standard”.

Pat takes our 30 second quiz.

Q1 Cereal or full English breakfast (Irish, Scottish and Welsh versions available)? – Cereal

Q2 Beatles or Rolling Stones? – Rolling Stones

Q3 Favourite movie/TV series? – The Ark TV series

Q4 Favourite song? – Dancing Queen, ABBA

Thank you Pat