It is interesting reading the news from each of the 4 gardening teams on Camposol and the great work that they do. However, not so nice is the constant problem with dog mess. Recent posts on the Camposol Sector D Facebook site also complains about dog owners not cleaning up their dogs’ mess, highlighting this problem.

A plea to those dog owners who don’t clean up their dogs mess, “Please think about the impact on others, especially the gardening team who constantly come across dog mess as they are weeding or clearing up.” This issue was covered in several gardening team articles, but sadly there has been no improvement. The majority of dog owners clean up the mess and we thank you for doing so. It makes our work so much easier and we don’t have to worry about stepping in or handling dog mess. To the minority who don’t clean up after their dogs, please stop being inconsiderate and take responsibility to clean up after your dog.

The focus over the past month has been the trimming of the palms on Los Covachos and roundabouts. Apart from some of the taller palms, the final area to trim is at the top end of Cavachos. Work on tidying up the verge from the Memorial Gardens through to the end of Calle Esparraguera is also ongoing. You’ll notice the pruning of the fir trees at the beginning of Esparraguera. What a difference it makes. A big thanks to 4 members of the team for going the extra mile and clearing up the cuttings and branches on a Sunday morning.

Volunteers for the gardening team are also assisting with the extension of the bin site on Esparrageura and would like to thank the community for their support following the building blocks going missing from the site! A special thanks to David Bray who stepped in to cover the cost of the replacement building material. 

And finally:

Joke of the month

What tree can sit in your hand? 

Why a palm of course – boom boom!

Tip of the month – For you gardeners new to Spain – the most important part of maintaining any Spanish garden is watering. Less frequent, deep soakings are best as this will increase the drought tolerance of your plants.