Poppy Appeal

The Camposol Sector D Community and Gardening Group is planning its autumn programmes and an important date is Remembrance Sunday in November and events leading up to it. Each year the group creates a memorial to those who lost their lives in defense of our country. This year is also poignant as the devastating war in Ukraine continues.

The aim is to create a display that properly reflects the sacrifice of the fallen and families impacted by war. This year the group wants to enhance the display by creating a memorial based on a stream of poppies cascading from a crucifix. To create the memorial, poppies will be purchased from the British Legion in the UK supplemented by poppies crafted from the bottom of plastic bottles and painted red. The photo aboe shows the before and after effect.

This is where you come in. We need lots of plastic bottle bottoms. All you have to do is to carefully cut off the bottom of your plastic bottles including, pop bottles, milk bottles, orange juice etc. Pop them into a plastic bag and when you have collected enough – 20-30 per bag is ideal – drop them off at the Camposol D hut on Los Cavachos any day, or when you donate to the Community Group on a Friday morning. When we say lots, we are targeting 1,000 bottoms! We know you can do it! 

We also want to highlight the memorial using red LED lighting, so if you have a spare set or would like to donate money to purchase them, please give your donation or lights to the collection team on a Friday morning.

A big thanks to everyone who made the Camposol D Street Party such a success, with the gardening team playing its part. Leading up to the event the gardening team trimmed the fir trees at the triangle end of Calle Esparraguera, cleared the ground of weeds and raked over the gravel. The team and volunteers Brian, Phil, Stuart and Les also completed the refurbishment of the bin storage area, as well as clearing up the rubbish dumped by irresponsible contractors and residents. I think those who attended, recognised the difference that all the hard work undertaken by the team and volunteers made. A big thanks to all who helped in the preparation of the street for the event led by Sam and Martin.


Joke of the month – Did you hear about the clumsy musician who tried gardening? He dropped a beet!

Gardening hint – if you are thinking about planting trees or shrubs in the future, start by digging out planting holes, ideally after heavy rain. Fill with green kitchen waste and garden cuttings. Leave to form a compost at the bottom of the hole. Work into the soil at the bottom of the hole when ready to plant – a job for the Autumn.