Looking back to look Forward

After taking a well-deserved holiday in August, the Gardening Team is back at work and raring to go. This month we look back at what the team achieved to July and what plans are in place for the next 6 months.

To say it’s been a funny old year weather-wise would be an understatement, especially February and March when we faced non-stop rain and several bouts of the dreaded ‘red rain’, but that didn’t put off the Gardening Team. Despite the weather the team refurbished the verge running from the petanca courts down to what would have been Calle Brencas de Sicilla. This created a gravelled verge with sitting areas complimented by a patio area with seating, allowing views of the mountains. 

In Spring/early Summer, attention turned to pruning the palms along Los Covachos and the roundabouts and traffic islands. Those of you who have palms or yuccas in your garden will know how sharp the needles are! 

This was accompanied by tidying up and weeding the Memorial Gardens, continuing towards the D25 triangle, weeding the verges. Moving on to Calle Esparraguera and in preparation for the Camposol D Street Party the fir trees were pruned and the areas beneath weeded and tidied up. To coincide with the completion of the bin refurbishment site, the team carried out a major clear-up of the areas to the side and rear of the extended site.

The following six months saw the design of the memorial for the Remembrance Day events which have been finalised and through your assistance we have collected over 1500 bottoms from plastic bottles! Thank you so much and a word of mention to Alley Palais who collected a huge bag full of bottle bottoms. Work has already started on decorating them and as you can see from the photo a production line is in operation. Thank you for your effort and we now have enough to complete the design.

The ongoing jobs of weeding, pruning and tidying up goes on, so if you fancy joining the group as a volunteer, contact a member of the group. It is hard work, but fun as well.

Joke of the month:

When I do the gardening, I alphabetise(!) my herbs and people often ask how I find the time. I respond with “Easy! Thyme is right between the Tarragon and Turmeric!”

Many of us have potted plants in our garden, so here are some tips:

Good hygiene is important, so clear away dead leaves, weeds and dying foliage.

Deadhead and consider cutting back a little harder.

Clean and disinfect pots before use.

Screen pots from wind or exposed position.