People Are Wonderful

In a little over 4 years, the Lone Gardener has created on Camposol D, not only a wonderful garden, but a series of paths and walks stretching into the campo. The garden contains plants grown by the Lone Gardener himself and also a sundial, drainage ditches and a stunning petanca court. He has decided he wants to spend more time with his family in the UK and is handing over the garden and paths to the Sector D Gardening Team. Such is his dedication to the garden, he is training a small team from the Gardening Team to ensure a smooth transition. Sector D Community and Gardening Team want to recognise his efforts and say to him ‘a big thank you and good luck in your retirement’. Your garden is in good hands.

Having broken for the summer, the Gardening Team is back and raring to go. As you know, plants do not stop growing, so the work of maintaining the verges, gardens and palms is underway, starting with the pruning of the palms on Covachos.   This involves trimming the row of palms up to the Covachos/Piteras roundabout and major pruning of the palms leading to the top end of Covachos, which were missed in the summer. We expect this work to take until mid-November. We will also be starting one of our improvement projects, around the Sector D sign and Remembrance Cross where we will landscape the embankments with large rockery stones, stone walling and planting.

Another thank you to all the residents of Camposol D. We have been inundated with the bottom of plastic bottles to turn into artificial poppies. This year there will be two displays; one by the Remembrance Cross and a larger display on the ‘triangle’ leading into D. 

Having successfully completed the refurbishment of the bin storage area on Esperraguera, we are planning 3 new projects; along Babinas, top of Fresnos and along Calle Brencas. The third project will create a fenced-in area at the green waste site on Calle Robles/Nogales. Timelines are still being finalised, but hopefully November ‘22 and late January/February ‘23. Finally a big shout out to Kev who ‘set out’ the work for the bin site on Esparraguera and contributed to the success of the project.

Joke of the Month

How would you describe your gardening talents – ‘blooming great’! (I know they get worse every month, boom boom!)

Gardening Tips

It is amazing how quickly plants grow on Camposol, especially with a clay-based soil and how easy it is for a non-gardener to propagate cuttings. Firstly fill a pot with compost and water; choose a strong side shoot with no flowers and cut a piece 2-4 inches in length. Remove all the leaves from the lower half of the cutting. Using a pencil, make a hole in the soil and pop in the cutting. Leave to root and water as required, (less is more).