Another Gardening Year Goes By

With apologies to Frankie Valli who sang “December 1963, Oh what a night”, this has been ‘what a year’. A beautiful start to 2022, was followed by torrential rain for months and months – well it seemed that way – replaced by a hot and humid summer. Boy was it sticky! Now we have had a warm and sunny Autumn, but above all, where did the year go? Creating verges in February to cutting palms in late November, this year has flown by.

Palms, palms and more palms. I wonder, has anyone counted the number of palm trees along Los Covachos and the various roundabouts? The Gardening Team has reached the end of the road and apart from some diseased palms, all the palms have been trimmed back until next year.

A feature of the work of the Gardening Team this year has been the landscape projects undertaken near the Petanca courts, bins on Esparraguera and the Remembrance Day displays. The last project has drawn lots of positive comments from residents on Camposol D and the rest of Camposol.

Volunteers created the Remembrance displays on the Triangle and Mini Roundabout, collecting the bottoms of plastic bottles to create a cascade of poppies and standalone ones. They also crocheted poppies to form garlands draped across the fountain. A big thanks to the team. The Gardening Team and the Project’s Team landscaped the embankment around the Memorial Cross, with a dry stone wall, small bridge and planting. Complementing the other displays with a cascade of poppies, lights on the cross and Royal British Legion crosses to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks to the guys who created the poppy cascade and who built the dry stone wall.

The displays, for the first time also included two large ‘Tommy’ metal silhouettes. These were transported from the UK by Night Hawk Couriers – thank you.

The Gardening Team has taken a major step forward this year with the formation of a Maintenance Team and Project’s Team. This will enable the overall team to provide more effective maintenance and also deliver improvements to the green environment on Camposol. Please think about volunteering as the team does make a difference to Camposol D.

Finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year