Residents often think that the D Sector Gardening Team is the main service provided by the D Sector Community and Gardening Group. Whilst it is an important service, it is only part of the range of services and activities provided by the Group. For example the Group provide a range of events and social functions throughout the year; the Annual Street Party is an example. Over the Christmas period it organised the street and roundabout decoration and Christmas Carol Service. It is funded by a weekly bucket collection and all monies go to support the work of the Group, so dig deep (no shovels please) and support this valued work.

To provide more information on the activities of the Group and promote the events and inform residents of the various projects being undertaken it has launched two social media outlets:

A Facebook page titled Camposol D Community & Gardening Group which informs residents about up and coming events such as the AGM which wason Wednesday 25th January at the Golf Club.To access the site, log onto Facebook and search for the above site. You will be asked to submit your details, with approval being sent to you to enable you to access the site.

For those of you who like a more formal social media format then the launch of the new website will be for you. The site is currently under construction and it is planned to go live in early February. Like most websites the content will be managed by the Group Committee, with articles, stories and photos sent to the administrator for approval before publication. It will cover information on the Gardening Team, Projects Team, events, information and the ability to donate online.

Both sites will provide the opportunity to donate by Paypal or bank transfer.

Thanks to the Projects Team for completing the pathway at the Age Concern facility. This has provided a safer and longer walk way into the building. D Group are proud to support the work of this charity with the simple addition of the walk way and to demonstrate its Camposol community spirit. A further thanks to the Gardening Team for pruning the palms adjacent to the upper C villas. Again providing wider community support.


The newly formed Project Team is looking for volunteers to join the team. You do not need any construction or gardening skills. We simply need you for a couple of hours, not necessarily every week, but when you can. Projects vary from the path-laying at Age Concern, landscaping of the area near the Camposol D entrance sign to tidying up. Contact 602 640 680 for more information. The downside; you will have to bring your own tea or coffee, or you could volunteer to make it!