I have managed to get a map made up of where the bins are located on Camposol D at the moment. 

The first map is a bit basic (so please do not complain about the quality!), but it provides enough information for D residents to use. 

Just to recap on what coloured dot is relevant to which bin: 

Green dot is for Household Only Waste Bins (not garden waste or Builders rubble etc) 

Blue dot is for Cardboard/Paper only 

Yellow dot is for Plastic/Cans/Tins 

Green/Red dots for Glass 

The second map shows where the Garden Waste skips are located. Please only leave garden green waste – no plastic, rubble etc. 

I hope providing this information will help the situation for now, but as said, I am getting better posters etc made up, but as you can appreciate this will take a few weeks to sort, so please bear with us. 

The Council provides a collection of household items on Camposol on the 1st and 16th of each month. 

You can leave these items by bins The Night Before Only and they will be collected and taken away. However please note; these are the only 2 days a month it is allowed. 

You must use the EcoPark to dispose of items at other times. 

Please sort out your household rubbish before going to the bins, so you can use the Recycle Bins provided around Camposol. 

Patricia Ridler 


Camposol D Community & Gardening Group