Camposol D Community & Gardening Group is run by Volunteers and we rely on donations to keep Camposol D looking nice and welcoming. We have a Gardening Team that meets up every Wednesday to carry out work needed; weeding, pruning, planting and maintaining the Jane’s Memorial Gardens and the Community Gardens.

In May 2021 we had a setback as our trailer was stolen, never to be found!   This caused us great concern as we needed a trailer to carry out work, we could not continue without one. We also found out that ‘Theft’ was not covered for the trailer on our van insurance. We had no alternative but allocate some funds to purchase another trailer, so we started to look with our limited budget.

One of our residents (John Ankles Mansell) decided to organise a fund raiser to collect funds to help us purchase a trailer.  He asked Camposol residents to donate and that’s what they did.  Camposol D Community & Gardening Group was amazed how generous people were in donating and within a week the total raised was an incredible €1,830.03! Such a great result! Camposol D Community & Gardening Group was then able to order a new trailer to suit our needs.

Our Group Volunteers were overwhelmed with this generous show of support. Once again Camposol Community Spirit shines through.

On 13th September we took delivery of our new trailer. As you can see it is bright orange to match the new colour scheme of our Group, so you will definitely see us out and about on Camposol D.