As we leave hot August behind the Green Fingers team look back at the work of the last month.  Our volunteers have been out on Wednesdays busy watering, weeding and generally tidying up. There have been on average 7 volunteers braving the heat and enjoying a rewarding breakfast for their efforts. Even 16-year-old Dylan came to help his Grandad one week.

Hopefully this month the team will start extensive new planting, with new planters, again using the money donated by the weekly bucket collection. The average amount donated over the last few weeks is 260€. Thank you to all for your donations.

The maintenance team has also been busy trimming the palms on the dual carriageway. This work has been funded from the weekly bucket collection.

Most of the time Green Fingers’ hard work is appreciated by residents and holiday makers alike, but sometimes there are actions taken which bring the mood of the team down.  Some may remember the vandalism of the statues last year.  One small statue was rescued and relocated to the side of the pumping station at the bottom of the dual carriageway. Recently the team arrived on a Wednesday morning to find that vandals had smashed its head off and thrown it over the fence of the pumping station!  The same week the mirror that had been placed at the junction of Calle Puerto Lumbreras and the dual carriageway to help drivers see oncoming traffic was also smashed. Why? What benefit is there to this?  Greenfingers volunteers work tirelessly to enhance Sector C of Camposol.  Next time you pass them on Wednesday, give them a thumbs up and a cheer.