Heavy showers plus dry, sunny spells in between, has been lovely for all the new and re-planting, but it has also meant our Volunteers have had to weed and water extensively. One of the beautiful statues kindly donated by a resident, has already suffered damage at the hands of vandals, so it has been repaired and re-sited this month. Please be vigilant on our behalf and report anything untoward to us; in strict confidence, of course. Surplus Yuccas have also been collected and planted.

The items we periodically need to purchase have all been paid for by your donations. Every penny has been spent on tools, plants, gravel, membrane and compost – Thank you to everyone who has donated. 

The Maintenance Team continued the regular rota of cleaning, weeding and spraying, also on the gravelled verges of the perimeter road and planted areas, with pet-friendly weed killer. They have cleared the drainage channels at the bottom of the dual carriageway and cut back nearby plants.

Please remember, every Euro of each member’s monthly payment is used to sweep, weed and spray the whole of Lower C, although we may only reach your road every few weeks. If you’re not a member of our scheme and see our teams working, please consider joining our Scheme or contributing a little to our bucket; thank you.

Must mention; Saturday 1st May 2021 is Worldwide Naked Gardening Day – hope it’s fine and sunny for everyone! Thank goodness it’s not a Green Fingers day! Ha Ha!

Further information about Camposol C Greenfingers Gardening Group is available from our Chairman, John, on 634 325 427 or on our Facebook groups: Camposol C Sector Group and Green Fingers Camposol.

One of our volunteers, Matt, has been working recently to update our website, www.greenfingerscamposol.com. Feel free to have a browse and please let your friends who are not on Facebook know about it, too.