Very heavy showers and high winds, with warm periods in between, have really helped our new plants to flourish, but it has also meant our Volunteers have had to weed extensively and water each week in all areas. This month they have also planted and moved donated plants, dead-headed our many roses and moved the frame for a sign. 

The Maintenance Team continued the regular rota of cleaning, weeding and also spraying the streets and the gravelled verges and planted areas with pet-friendly weed killer. Please remember, every Euro of each member’s monthly payment is used to sweep, weed and spray the whole of Lower ‘C’, although we may only reach your road every few weeks. If you’re not a member of our scheme and see our teams working, please consider joining our Scheme or contributing a little to our bucket. Many thanks to all who have donated during these tough times. 

Further information is available on our chalkboards and Facebook or from John our Chairman on 634 325 427 or visit our Facebook groups or the website