Much of the limited time the gardening team had in April was spent, like most people, avoiding the rain. However, the team did tidy up and clear weeds and mud from the verges at the bottom of Calle Piteras. Work was also carried out on the tiered gardens and walkway linking Calle Gor, Gorafe and Salvias. This involved laying fresh gravel to paths and surrounding areas and tidying up the garden areas to enhance the look and feel of the gardens. Those areas are a real plus for the surrounding homes.

We also installed new benches so that people can sit, chill and relax. We would however ask dog owners to clean up the mess left by their dogs. This would be of great help to the team as we often have to clear away dog mess whilst weeding which is not pleasant.

You will remember some months ago the team received a donation of a set of circular patio paving slabs. The patio was installed in the Memorial Gardens with stepping stones leading to a garden bench. The two stolen paving slabs have been replaced and the patio is a fantastic addition to the garden.

The team would like to recognise and thank the numerous residents who look after the verge, area, or road near where they live, so a big thank you to you gardeners on Calle Esparraguera, Babinas and Orce/Covachos. You know who you are. If you know others who maintain “their patch”, let us know and we will give you a mention.

In the meantime, it’s time for the team to play catch up. Here’s to sunnier times, please.

Sector D Gardening Team (wet but smiling)