It has been one year since my first attempt at documenting B Clean’s activities and that was at the time that things were beginning to look really serious regarding COVID. Our volunteers found themselves having to stay at home during lockdown and the whole world seemed to be changing. As I typed away on the computer, I had no idea that 12 months on, there would still be restrictions and lockdowns and, once again, B Clean volunteers are still unable to take up their trusty garden tools to tackle the various maintenance issues on Camposol B. 

Fortunately, before the current restrictions in February, many of the oleander hedges had been cut and there had been a major tidy-up, together with some tree planting around the lower car park opposite the petrol station. However, one job remained outstanding and that one was the biggest we have had to tackle each year for the last few years – cutting the palm trees on the roads. It’s a colossal job, totally beyond the handful of dedicated volunteers who turn out each week (COVID restrictions permitting) and we certainly wouldn’t ask our members to put themselves at risk trying to deal with a task best left to the professionals with the correct equipment. 

As the council has dealt with the palms on other Camposol sectors, B Clean had been keeping their fingers very firmly crossed that the council would take up the responsibility this year, saving us from paying 1,400€ from our funds to the contractors. Unfortunately, with no undertaking from the council and time running out, we had to bite the bullet and payment was duly made and the job done. Once again, the contractors’ work has drawn many compliments and we hope that those who have contributed to B Clean’s funds will feel that we have spent their hard-earned euros responsibly. We have to cut the palms at this time of the year, as the warmer weather allows attacks by the palm weevil. In Summer, these nasty little blighters get in through pruning cuts and in a very short time cause the tree to die and then collapse, which of course is dangerous.

Obviously, we are anxious to rebuild our funds so that new projects can be taken on once the restrictions are relaxed. Residents can help by joining B Clean and paying just 5€ a month, (ideally quarterly or annually), or ensuring that they put some cash into the bucket collections when the volunteers can get out. If anybody wishes to make any other donations, this would be really appreciated and any payment queries should be addressed to our Treasurer, Colin Barton who would also be pleased to hear from any members willing to put their names forward as prospective work party volunteers. 

Times are difficult and life has become very complicated, so we can only look forward to better times. Maintaining and improving our local environment lends an air of positivity to our existence. We have sunshine and it isn’t snowing so it can’t be all bad. Keep safe and we will get through this eventually.