The new rest area created by B Clean (with the welcome assistance of some residents and members of the other gardening groups at the start) is coming along nicely. The initial load of 26 tonnes of gravel didn’t quite cover the 400+ square metre area that had been cleared of scrub and dumped rubbish so another 10 tonnes made an appearance.

Our small band of volunteers got that lot spread over the remainder of the site thus allowing the start of the next stage. Oleanders for the hedging had already been planted with some lavenders appearing shortly after, appropriate as one of the roads into the junction where the new garden is being created is B Sector’s Calle Lavanda. Other plants will follow including some trees to supply some welcome shade as the temperatures increase.

As part of the continuing efforts to improve our sector, arrangements have been made for the repainting of the pedestrian ramp and metal railings at the commercial centre and this work has already been completed. We’re hoping that the amount of trolley damage is significantly less than that caused after the last redecoration.

As always, we do need more volunteers to try and enable the group to continue to maintain and improve the sector so, if you can spare some time on Tuesday mornings, you’ll be very welcome. It will come as no surprise to Camposol residents that Colin Thackwell is still pedalling away outside Consum so please donate as our projects and maintenance all cost money and the group is reliant upon donations and membership subscriptions.