It is well and truly Autumn now. After the huge Gota Fria storms and deluges in September, followed by lovely sunny days and cooler nights it is perfect growing weather for weeds! It is also perfect weather for transplanting, so if you have any plants you would like to donate to us, please leave them behind the Welcome Wall, or get in touch and we will collect. Thanks to all for the plant donations received so far.

Our regular Maintenance Team has continued with street cleaning, weeding and spraying with pet-friendly weed killer. They have also cleared large amounts of silt and stones from the roads to make them safe after the heavy downpours.

The Wednesday Volunteers this month have re-sited a stone bench, spent many hours planting, weeding and pruning the massive growth on some of our trees with the help of Mikey Moo Fry (thank you!), but much of their time is still spent watering using our van and trailer. The high temperatures and winds have continued after the rains, so please think of your own plants and those planted near your casa by our volunteers. This weather can be devastating, so if you would like to adopt a tree, please choose one (or however many you wish!) planted either along the roads or near the different features we have and let us know. Just tie a ribbon or tape on it to designate it as ‘yours’. Total responsibility for its watering and care will pass to you and you can watch it flourish. They could be adopted as a way of remembering a special someone, perhaps? We are always pleased to see new Volunteers on Wednesday mornings (9am at the Welcome Wall) and this month we welcome Alan.  If you would like to join us, your efforts are always rewarded with a free breakfast.  You can make new friends and get some muscle definition at the same time! Please get in touch also if you have any unwanted gifts which you would like to donate for our raffles; they are always appreciated. 

A huge thank you must go to everyone who donates to our bucket, together with those who belong to our Maintenance Scheme and of course those who have worked on individual areas near their own homes. Without your support and that of our Volunteers, our sector would definitely not look as nice and it all makes a huge difference. 

Further information can be found on our chalkboards or contact John our Chairman, on 634 325 427 or on Facebook Green Fingers Camposol.