Blustery winds and heavy showers, with dry spells in between, have been lovely for all the new planting, but it also meant our Volunteers have had to carry out extensive weeding and watering in all areas. The ongoing programme of constructing immovable brick planters around the sector continues and yet more Yuccas have been planted! We have been using a member’s trailer for a long time now, which has really helped with the heavy work each week. It has become more ours than theirs over time, so this month we felt it should finally be bought from them! We have also invested in a hot gun to burn out the difficult weeds, which has proved to be both time-saving and very useful. The items we purchase have all been paid for by our fundraisers and donations; every penny has been spent on trees, tools, plants, gravel, membrane and compost. Thank you everyone!

The Maintenance Team continued the regular rota of cleaning, weeding and spraying, also on the gravelled verges of the perimeter road and planted areas, with pet-friendly weed killer. Please remember, every Euro of each member’s monthly payment is used to sweep, weed and spray the whole of Lower ‘C’, although we may only reach your road every few weeks. If you’re not a member of our scheme and see our teams working, please consider joining, or contributing a little to our bucket; many thanks to all who donate.

Please save the date for our AGM on 22nd May at 3pm at the Golf Club. Come and enjoy a cuppa or soft drink on us, learn more about what we do, vote and have your say!

Tickets are now available at 6€ to include Hot Dog & Hamburger for our Summer Street Party & BBQ on 26th May at 4pm with music from Carl Thomas ‘The Big Welshman’. Drinks will be on sale at our usual bargain prices from the bar. Please come along and support us!

Further information is available on our chalkboards and Facebook or from Graham our Chairman on 604 253 604 or John on 634 325 427 or visit the website