We’ve continued sweeping, spraying and weeding every Monday as part of the on-going programme covering the whole of C Sector North. It’s tough work, so if you are nearby when our thirsty group are working in your road and would like to offer them a drink, that would be really welcome. Thank you! An awful lot of dog poo has been cleared from the gravel verges as we clear and weed them. This is an unpleasant task, so may we ask; please clear up after your dogs to prevent flies and infection spreading.

Many thanks to every Volunteer turning out in what has been some of the coldest, windiest weather we’ve had for a long while: several trees had to be re-tied and some even re-planted! During the month Volunteers completed the spreading of 6 tons of gravel around trees and palms, concreted a huge pothole (using nearly half a cubic metre of concrete!), fixed up several bat boxes and one owl box at various locations around the Sector (with more to follow), planted geraniums and pansies in the tubs, plus oleanders and donated plants along Calle Ibiscum, pruned roses, watered everywhere and began a huge spraying programme which will cover the whole Sector as the weeds are spurting because of the warm, sunny days!

We would like to appeal to anyone who would like to join our group of Wednesday morning Volunteers, either on a regular or occasional basis – always rewarded with a free breakfast! Please contact us if you can spare a bit of time and energy, or just turn up at 9am at the Welcome Wall and help improve our area while enjoying a bit of fresh air (very fresh at the moment!) and making new friends in the process. Lower ‘C’ is looking better each year because of all this hard labour, but also because of the donations you generously give, either regularly to our scheme or just in the buckets; a huge thank you.

Please check chalkboards, Facebook and website for any more news. www.greenfingerscamposol.com