By the time you read this we will have had our 2019 AGM.

Over the past year we have continued adding new projects to improve Camposol Lower C with more brick troughs built along the dual carriageway and we have planted new areas, replacing inevitable casualties. We have improved and maintained more neglected verges and weeded huge areas after a wet and unpredictable Winter!
These improvements mean a watering responsibility during the warmer months, so if you would like to adopt a small area near your home and regularly water the plants and the occasional weeding, we would be very grateful. You might like to care for a tree in memory of a loved one by taking over its watering and tying a distinctive ribbon around it to show you are caring for it.

This month the Maintenance Team continue the rota of cleaning, weeding and spraying (always using pet-friendly weed killer) the streets while this month’s Wednesday volunteers have been weeding, watering extensively, planting donated trees and clearing mud and stones brought down by the recent heavy rains.

So many kind people give us their time, donations of money or plants and pots, snacks and drinks for the workers. It makes our urbanisation such a lovely place to live and visit. Also thanks must go to the local business owners who have sponsored us during the past year with raffle prizes and monetary donations. It’s much appreciated.

Please consider volunteering to help us in some way; perhaps to meet new friends. Just get in touch – we offer the bonus of free breakfasts on Wednesdays and the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping fit while making a huge difference to the place you have chosen to live or spend holidays. Each time visitors return here, they notice how lovely the improvements are and always let us know as they pass.

Safety Issues
When our volunteers are working behind the traffic cones on the dual carriageway, please slow down when passing! There have been a few close shaves and no-one wants a serious accident. Even better, give them a wave!

Please check chalkboards, Facebook and website for information or contact Graham on 604 253 604 or John on 634 325 427. More news can be found at