A Happy New Year to everyone and thanks to all who have supported Green Fingers during 2018: our Committee, all our Volunteers, local businesses and homeowners including everyone who has donated raffle prizes, plants and other garden items and to our bucket!

Yet another year has passed with Green Fingers working hard throughout ‘C’ Sector North to transform our area. The Maintenance Team turning out every Monday morning, despite awful weather conditions; cleaning, weeding and spraying every street in rotation and our Wednesday Volunteers who, this month, have been yet again weeding, clearing the drainage channels at the bottom of the Dual Carriageway, removing the poppy display from the Remembrance flowerbed and collecting and planting donated mature plants. Thank you!

We welcome back Matt this month, who is designing a new website for us, which will be in operation next month. We’ve also said good-bye to our Project Manager Ken who has returned to the UK for the Winter months.  We look forward to seeing him again in the Spring. He and the committee have a few planned projects for 2019 already, but if you would like a task completed in your area, please contact us and please give any plants near your home or holiday home a drink if needed, as these cold winter winds can quickly dry them out. Thanks!

If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact our Chairman, Graham, on 604 253 604 for any more information or check the chalkboards and our Facebook group.