This month we are proud to say our Maintenance Scheme has its 8th anniversary and we’re sure the homeowners on ‘C’ North agree it’s made a huge difference to our streets. The roads and pavements are regularly weeded and swept, potholes repaired, verges gravelled and planted, green skips available for all our garden waste and all dustbins off the roads. It’s lovely to walk around a tidy area which is not neglected, but it has taken many hours every week of hard work by our Team. This will not continue without each loyal member – if you haven’t considered joining, we ask you to please get in touch. The small amount of 15€ per quarter (equivalent to a cup of coffee each week!) means the benefit to our area is huge. We’d also like to ask once more; if you have a pet, please clear up after it and keep our area pleasant and poo free! Thank you. 

Green Fingers’ work continues into 2020. During a month of dampness, fog and extremely cold temperatures, our volunteers laid a path, cleared debris after a road accident, repositioned pots, weeded, watered, planted plants and cleared dried mud washed down from the campo tracks after more heavy showers. Huge thanks to them all for coming out in the cold and damp. If our workers are in your area, please support them: spare cash in our bucket or hot drinks are always appreciated! We’re still looking for volunteers – even if you’re not resident here all the time and just on holiday now and then, you’re most welcome. There are free bacon sarnies every Wednesday morning as an incentive! Please contact John our Chairman, on 634 325 427. 

Please check chalkboards and our Facebook group, Green Fingers Camposol, for more information.