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Our Maintenance Team has continued cleaning, weeding and spraying the streets of ‘C’ Sector North during very cold weather this month. The scheme has been in operation a few years now and new owners may not realise what our sector would look like without it – huge weeds at the roadsides have gone (just look at the roads near the Golf Club to see what would happen if the work was not carried out!).  There used to be huge pot holes, no landscaped areas and rubbish blowing everywhere; an area forgotten and abandoned. No-one wants to live or spend holidays in a place like that, so if you don’t already belong to the scheme, please think about joining? It only costs a small donation of 5€ per house each month to have the whole of ‘C’ Sector North swept, cleaned and sprayed. We are totally dependent upon your help. One day, Green Finger’s Maintenance Scheme will no longer be needed as the Ayuntamiento will take over street cleaning etc, but until then we ask you to think about joining us, even if your house is only used as a holiday home – unfortunately the weeds don’t have holidays and your street still needs clearing all year round!

The volunteers this month have been weeding, pruning, watering and planting a memorial tree and new flowerbeds on the verges. The raised bed by the Mercer’s sign was also transformed with a large cross, silhouettes and poppies as our tribute of remembrance to The Fallen. We are always looking for new volunteers as our numbers always decrease during the cooler months when people leave after their holidays, so if you would like to join us for a couple of hours, come along to the Welcome Wall at 9am on a Wednesday. Breakfast butties and drinks are free – don’t worry if you can’t do heavy work; there are always lighter tasks available! Even if you’re only here on holiday you’ll be improving your whole community!

Now a polite request concerning the green waste skips – Please could we appeal to everyone not to leave their green waste in plastic bags, but empty them out and take the bags home.  Thank you!

We would finally like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

A huge thank you to those who take time to care for any plants near their homes, those who have offered us refreshments and those who contribute to our buckets!

Further information is available from our Chairman, Graham on 604 253 604 or check our chalkboards and Facebook page.