During March, our volunteers constructed more new planters along the central reservation of the dual carriageway which have now been planted up, along with the feature flowerbed which was cleared and filled with Spring bedding. New Yuccas have also been planted and a bench removed, renovated and re-sited on Calle Puerto Lumbreras.

Container plants and less drought-resistant ones have had to be watered regularly far earlier than usual this year because of the warm weather. The landscaping and planting has really improved all the verges and has been paid for with your generous donations to our buckets; thank you! Thanks to all volunteers who join us during their holidays here. If you would like to volunteer your help on a Wednesday morning, just turn up at the Welcome Wall at 9am and your hard work will be rewarded with a free breakfast. There are also light duties, if anyone is not too strong! We are currently in need of more 8 litre water bottles with lids which can be handed in on Wednesday mornings to our team.

Our Maintenance Team continued their regular programme; weeding, sweeping and spraying the streets of ‘C’ North every week. The chemical we use is pet-friendly, so is no danger to animals and will control regrowth as Summer starts. If you own a home on our sector, please think about joining our scheme – it is only 15€ every quarter. If you are unable to make a monetary donation, our workers always appreciate drinks and we are happy to have your unwanted plants or decorative pots (chipped or broken is fine) to decorate the landscaped areas. Every donation to our bucket or raffle, every ticket sold for our social events, every payment to the Maintenance Scheme and every contribution made by local businesses all contribute towards a caring community. Also, as part of that community, we ask you to please be vigilant. If you see any suspicious activity, please get in touch. All information will be treated confidentially. Thank you.

Further information is available on our chalkboards and Facebook, from Graham, our Chairman, on 604 253 604 or visit the website