Holiday time is here again and when the returning holiday-home owners donate to our bucket, they remark that they’ve noticed a huge difference since the last time they visited. Thanks to everyone for your donations and to those who give raffle prizes, unwanted plants and pots (plus cool drinks offered to our Maintenance Team workers).  Apologies if we wake anyone! The team begins sweeping, spraying and cleaning at 7am on Mondays during the Summer because of the exhausting heat: it’s impossible to clean streets silently! 

This month our Wednesday Volunteers have been…surprise, surprise: watering!  This is a huge burden in the Summer months. If you have any spare time, please give the plants near your home a drink, as every area is suffering in these high temperatures. The Volunteers have also been planting donated plants, trimming and dead-heading established ones and the palms along the dual carriageway have also been trimmed. We welcome new volunteer Adam to our group and would like to invite anyone interested in volunteering with us to come down to the Welcome Wall on Camposol C at 9am on Wednesdays: a free breakfast is on offer! 

May we politely request that dog owners pick up any mess their pets leave behind? It only takes a minute to put a bag in the bin and will keep the area smell, germ and poo-free. Thanks!

Further info can be found either on our chalkboards, Facebook and our website or contact John, our Chairman on 634 325 427