By the time this goes to print, hopefully we’ll be at the end of lockdown, although I expect we’ll all remain very careful for a while. All Green Fingers workers will observe strict social distancing guidelines and hygiene standards for the time being in order to keep everyone safe. Our Maintenance Team have a huge task ahead, clearing mud and debris left after the weeks of heavy storms, weeding and spraying all streets of ‘C’ North. The phenomenal weed growth during this exceptional period is making it a much longer job, so if we don’t get to your road as often during Summer, please bear with us. The streets are done in strict rotation and extra days will be worked where possible.

The volunteers this month have dug out all the drainage ditches at the bottom of the dual carriageway and cleared and swept the lay-by areas there. They have a mammoth task ahead; weeding all the planted areas and verges that have become completely overgrown. If you would like to weed anywhere near your house, it would be really appreciated – every little helps, as they say.


This month we appealed in desperation for new volunteers and were joined by Christine, John3, Jan, Sandra, Alan, Geoff, Judi and Den. That is fabulous, but we would welcome more volunteers who live on Lower C and can spare a couple of hours volunteering on a Wednesday morning. Just come along to the Welcome Wall on the dual carriageway at 9am – drinks, biccies and breakfast butties are free! Also, if anyone feels they would like to join our Committee, they would be really welcome: it would be lovely to hear some new, fresh ideas!

Normally we would have already held our AGM and Street Party. These have both been postponed until later in the year, but please try and support our future functions as they raise much needed funds. We lost many plants during lockdown as we were unable to water them due to government regulations and we would like to replace them as soon as possible. Lower C is looking a little sorry for itself at the moment, but we are determined to bring it back to its former glory!

For any more news and information, please contact John, our Chairman on 634 325 427 or have a look at our Facebook groups: Camposol C Sector Group and Green Fingers Camposol.