Green Fingers Annual General Meeting 2023

Our AGM was held on Tuesday 6th June at the Golf Club. This was rescheduled from Tuesday 23rd May 2023 which was cancelled due to the adverse weather. 16 members attended and were warmly welcomed by the Chairman, John Osborne. 

The minutes of the last AGM were agreed and any matters arising discussed. John then provided his report highlighting how the group had recovered following the pandemic and had had a very successful year. One area of concern was the continuing pilferage of plants and, as happened recently, plant pots. John went on to thank the maintenance team, the volunteers and the committee members who had all done a great job in keeping Camposol C looking so resplendent.

Our Treasurer, Jayne Miller, then presented the accounts for the financial year ending 31st March 2023. After scrutinising the finances, the accounts were unanimously endorsed by the members.

The Chairman then advised the meeting that three committee members were stepping down; John Williams, John Tweedy and Graham Ashfield. All three were thanked for their efforts. The meeting then moved on to the election of the executive and committee members. 

John Osborne was elected as Chairman, the 12th time in the last 13 years! Kevin Harper as the Vice Chairman for his second term of office, as was Jackie Blow [Secretary] and Jayne Miller [Treasurer].

The chairman sought nominations for a vacant position of Information Officer and Paul Cassidy was duly elected. 

The remainder of the committee were also unanimously elected by the meeting; Lesley Dunton, Paddy Clarke, Sheila Dayson and Alan Hornsby.

After a variety of Any Other Business discussions the meeting was closed in a timely manner.

If you live on lower Camposol C and have a couple of hours to spare on Wednesday mornings, why not pop along and help the other volunteers? Examples of the type of work they carry out include: pruning trees and bushes; weeding; planting; watering; clearing any debris that gathers after storms and generally trying to keep our sector looking its best.