For the second time, and until May 1, residents and visitors who buy in Mazarrón shops may be rewarded for making their purchases thanks to the ‘Buy, scratch and win’ initiative organized by the Department of Commerce.

The Councillor for Commerce, Silvia García, explained that this second campaign within this initiative is carried out on the occasion of the celebration of ‘Mother’s Day’. Up to a total of 58 businesses have signed up for this second campaign, 16 more than the first, which was very successful. The mayor has encouraged residents to “continue supporting our local business with their purchases through this initiative.”

Silvia García recalled that “for purchases over 20 euros, customers will receive a scratch card that could give you the opportunity of winning a voucher of 10, 20 or 50 euros that can be spent in any establishment participating in the initiative, thus having an impact on local commerce ”. The winning vouchers can be exchanged until May 9 and those who do not have a direct prize will enter a raffle, if you leave your data on the back of the scratch card”

The mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, encouraged residents to “participate in this second campaign with the same enthusiasm as they did in the one held on the occasion of Father’s Day and which had a great reception.” The municipal councillor stressed that “in this way we support local businesses at this time when we must face the regeneration of the business fabric that has been damaged by the pandemic.”