What! Blue eggs?!! These eggs are produced by a breed of chicken called Araucana and to many the eggs are a prized commodity and fetch a premium. To other less adventurous people, it is something different and therefore they will not even try them. Usually supply outstrips demand for these wonderful eggs, which can vary in colour from quite a bright blue, to almost khaki. In supermarkets in the UK you can sometimes find six eggs – 2 brown, 2 white and 2 blue – but they will cost you at least double the usual price. Not only are the eggs different in colour from the more common white, or brown, but the yolk is usually a wonderful yellow and the flavour surpasses anything you will buy from the supermarket.

There are records from the 1920’s to 1950’s of Araucanas laying around 240 eggs a year, but the days of birds like these, are long gone and the norm is between 180-200 eggs a year. The gene that produces the blue eggs is quite dominant and quite often the chickens lose the usual Araucana characters, but still lay blue eggs. The blue eggs are popular at Easter time when children paint boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday, so next time you see blue eggs for sale, give them a try!