How to use ROBOTS to profit even if the markets crash!

Last month we discussed the problem all investors face from time to time which is the fear and greed scenario where markets take a dive South. We discussed how this is a huge opportunity to cash in as others are fearful.

This month we look at a strategy that is used by traders and institutions to take advantage of the fear that the average retail investor (you and me) are filled with once markets are dipping. 

In crypto markets it is not uncommon for a correction to be between 50% and 90% south of the highest prices. This is where we are faced with huge opportunities for impressive gains as the fear kicks in among the broader market and prices are significantly lower than the true value of the asset. 

We saw this with Bitcoin in May when it went from $64.000 to touch around $29.000. Smart money was entering the market all the way down with ever bigger positions as it fell to take advantage of the weak hands and stealing the coins at lower prices only for Bitcoin to then rally over a few weeks back up to $57000

For most people this watching and entering positions in an orderly way is a big ask with day-to-day life getting in the way. With a robot to help you, you can scale into the lower prices and take advantage in the same way that institutions have done. 

The robot I use is simple to operate and takes around 20 seconds to set up!

You simply enter the amount you wish to stake and the number of entry positions along with the % of a drop by which to make those entries and hey presto you have a professional type of scaled entry that averages into a position to take advantage of market dips. The end result is that instead of agonizing over whether this is a ‘good time to get in’, you are able to dollar cost average your entry over time to significantly bring down your average entry price, so when the market rebounds you are able to take profits at a pre-determined % set by the robot.

My current set up allows for a 60% correction in the market with no bounce, before my averaging down comes to an end. This in the case of Bitcoin is extremely unlikely since when we get a sudden dip like that we always have a bounce in the price and this is when we see the profits being made. In the unlikely event we do not see a bounce, it usually is only a matter of time before the price bottoms out and starts to rise again so the profit can be realised. 

With Bitcoin on track to reach $100000 by year end, (in many analyses views), we have never been better placed to start earning a passive income from the crypto markets. One expert (Plan B a professional trader) predicts Bitcoin will go as high as $500000 by June 2022. 

My suggestion would be to use the robot (discussed above) to create the best possible set up.  In this way we take advantage of up and coming volatility and to minimize downside risk while maximizing the upside potential. 

My 4 year back test of this strategy shows that regardless of where you enter a position and regardless of what coin you choose, around 47% per year return on your investment can easily be achieved.

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Be aware that as with all investments, prices can go up as well as down so only invest money you could afford to lose.