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The end of the US Dollar as global reserve currency……  

Bitcoin is the answer?

The last few weeks have been the most traumatic time for millions of people in Ukraine. The Russian invasion promoted global condemnation of Vladimir Putin and his tyrannical war crimes killing innocent people.

The USA and Europe were united in their sanctions which effectively cut off the Russian people from the economy and supply of essentials like food and services as well as access to their money. Some people will ask the question “Is it right that we should be punishing ordinary innocent hard working normal Russian people affected by these sanctions, when Putin and his supporters in Government will be isolated while his own people are suffering the consequences of his war crimes”  

To be clear the propaganda machine of the Russian news media has done a great job of convincing most Russians that the war in Ukraine was somehow justified, however the mis information is starting to show cracks in decent normal people, many of who took to the streets to protest (never a good plan in Russia) and have been silenced and imprisoned after protests with anti – war banners.

The West is suffering too. Supplies of essential oil, gas and wheat as well as vital pot ash needed for the production of crops for farmers will inevitably push our food and energy prices through the roof!   

We are at the beginning of a global meltdown where everything will change thanks to the fiscal incompetence of governments across the globe printing money to try and help stimulate their economies after the Covid crises. Even if you know nothing about economics we know that when there is an inflated supply (too much) of anything this brings its value down. This is why RARE EXAMPLES of art work, Picasso´s and Rolex watches come to mind which not only hold their value but increase over time.  The opposite is true with Euros, Dollars and Pounds, where the supply has been so inflated over the past few years, we have seen this over supply devalue the currencies to the point where we need more of them to buy the same products. Our weekly shop will now cost 20% more than it did two years ago and filling our car with fuel about 30% more!  

Most of us will remember the 70’s where inflation at times was officially in the low 20% area. This meant anyone holding Fiat currency (Pounds, Dollars, Francs, and Lira etc) was effectively being taxed at a rate of 20% per year. 

Most of us can remember house prices at £10,000 in the 70’s. This would buy you a nice house in London! The same house now would have two extra zeros added and cost £1,000,000 (a million pounds). Same house in the same location but, this is the effect of inflation to which we have all been subjected.  This effectively kept us trying to catch up by working harder for longer while cutting back as far as possible on non-essential items just to survive. 

We now have a similar situation developing where inflation could once again reach those levels by the year end.

What is happening now is the begging of the end for Fiat currency. FIAT currency is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. We think our Euro in our pocket has value, this perceived value is becoming more and more worthless as each day passes with inflation eroding away its purchasing power. 

We have seen this erosion of currency happen throughout history and even now in Russia the Rubel has become all but worthless, the same happened in Venezuela, South Sudan, Haiti, Columbia, Turkey, Angola and the list goes on. 

We are at the beginning of a global shift away from the old system of FIAT currency which is not only flawed but controlled by governments in a way to manipulate as far as possible the value in order for electability to be more likely at the end of each term in power. We have the promise of lower taxes, which usually never happen since we are being taxed through the back door every day with rampant inflation eroding our buying power with or without lower taxes. 

The reason Bitcoin was invented was to put an end to fiscal incompetence where excessive money printing in an attempt to stimulate global markets and prevent recessions always results in spikes in inflation. Meanwhile with interest rates for savers at all time lows traditional holders of Fiat currencies have only one alternative which is BITCOIN! 

Bitcoin is now available at numerous exchanges, and with a credit card supplied by the same exchanges, we can now spend our Bitcoin at the till at our supermarket thanks to Visa and MasterCard’s adoption last year. This means the need for fiat money is all but over. 

Add to this a minimum of 1% cash back for every card purchase using crypto currency means any argument against using Bitcoin is becoming less and less relevant. 

Most of my family have now embraced the crypto revolution, and similar to the internet in 1990 the adoption curve now is unstoppable since in the case of Bitcoin the fixed supply of just 21 million coins will never be breached. Once they are gone, they will be the APEX digital energy the world has needed since the beginning of time in order for ordinary people to acquire fiscal sovereignty and potentially huge wealth. So, have you bought your Bitcoin yet? Even if you started with say 500 Euros, this will be enough to set you (and your family who follow you) on the road to better long term financially security.  

AND NOW Russia accepts Bitcoin as payment for oil and gas supplies!

This announcement was made in March when sanctions made it impossible for Russia to sell their commodities to the West. However willing buyers in China, India and Turkey who along with a few other countries who have not invoked the sanctions asked for by Nato countries, has meant that the supply chain for Russia can continue to those countries. The implications of this are huge. The initiative is a direct rug pull, not only for the future of the Dollar as the global reserve currency, but also for the stability of the existing global banking system which is bypassed by this initiative. With Bitcoin the now likely successor for settling payments globally for commodities in the future, it may be in 5 to ten years, oil will actually be priced in Bitcoin

Anyone holding cash in banks should consider their position since the erosion of the cash as a value asset, the pressure on global markets and the ability of governments to underpin their huge debts in Fiat currency is now a bigger problem than ever before. 

We all talk about risk reward ratio and for me the bigger risk now is keeping cash reserves and not keeping Bitcoin and crypto reserves.    

The massive adoption continues in ordinary households too with Americans holding Bitcoin in 1 of 4 households.  

Last week The CEO of Terra Luna (another crypto currency) decided to buy a whopping 10 Billion DOLLARS OF Bitcoin over several months. At the time of writing the first few purchases have been made and this has shot the price of Bitcoin from the mid 30k range to the mid 40k range. They did this to back the value of their UST stable coin. This is a token which will always be worth 1 dollar but needed to be backed by an asset which could guarantee this 1-dollar value. Bitcoin was chosen as the premiere asset to do this and this means over the next few months while the purchase programme rolls out, we will see significant gains in Bitcoin possibly reaching all-time highs by the year end. 

Best asset ever!  Please watch this youtube video with the four top billionaire financial investors worldwide discussing how this will happen sooner than many people believe. 

https://youtu.be/HHbxPpEHEZk Michael Saylor Anthony Scaramouchi Mark Yusko 

The best analogy with Bitcoin is the guy who was walking with a friend and saw a 100 Euro note on the ground. They both walk past it without picking it up. One guy turns to the other and says did you see that? The other guy says yes. The first guy says shouldn’t we pick it up? The second guy says what’s the point, someone else would have already picked it up if it was really there!   

Most people simply do not understand the huge growth and importance of the new digital revolution. They continue to blindly ignore the opportunity which is continually knocking on your door with articles like this one. 

Have you got your head in the sand too? The ostrich syndrome is the default position where we hope that things will get better, but the reality is things look to be getting more difficult for people holding large cash reserves, and not diversifying into the new premier global asset classes.  Will you pick up the 100 Euro note lying on the ground?

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All investment opportunities carry some risk, so only invest money you can afford to lose.  Prices can go up as well as down.