First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then they join you.

When Mahatma Gandhi made this remark all those years ago, little did he know that the shift in ‘financial freedom’ would be instigated by a wholesale shift in the monetary system. The days of Gold as a safe haven asset class are all but over compared to the huge growth in Bitcoin adoption. 

My EBook has been flying out to readers of the Costa Cálida Chronicle over the past year and contains all the information you will need to start your own journey into preserving wealth in the face of overwhelming incompetence of global governments to manage our day-to-day finances. This is thanks to the out of control money printing and the inevitable inflation we are all seeing thanks to our political leaders. 

The USD has been the global reserve currency for the last 100 years. Now it is seeing the beginning of the end of its global domination. I contend that within the next 5 years we will see a digital currency like Bitcoin become the world reserve currency – but WHY?

Below we look at all the recent developments to indicate not just why the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise over time, but why we no longer have to be content with savings in our bank accounts earning virtually no interest, while inflation takes chunks of your hard-earned money through inflation each year. 

Why invest in Bitcoin

What are the main reasons why Bitcoin has seen huge growth after the last 10 years?

1* Limited supply. Only 21 million coins will ever be mined. A huge number have already been bought up by institutions and retail investors. If only 21 million Euros were ever printed, can you imagine how much purchasing power a single Euro would have!!!!!

2* Pay Pal was the first mainstream organization to announce their payment options now in Bitcoin. PayPal announced that its customers will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin and other virtual currencies using their PayPal accounts. Those virtual coins could then be used to buy things from the 26 million sellers which accept PayPal

3* Banks now have regulation in place to use Crypto currency.  More and more banks worldwide are now accepting Bitcoin as payment currency including BBVA in Spain. Santander bank in November 2021 announced they will allow Bitcoin to be purchased in their ETF. Santander is following in the footsteps of investment banks such as BNY Mellon, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and investment funds such as Blackrock. Santander’s decision adds another step forward in Bitcoins’ quest for widespread adoption.

4* Billionaires are buying it up! Big institution CEO’s have announced they are invested in Bitcoin. These include the bosses of Apple, Twitter, Tesla, Instagram, Microstrategy, Greyscale to name just a few. They are trying to buy all the available Bitcoin as cheap as possible and several billionaires have HUGE holdings! Ordinary retail customers like you and me can also have a slice of this massive opportunity. Retail will get pushed out by the big boys eventually, so now is a great time to get yours before it all gets bought up by those fat cats. 

5* Bitcoin ETF! In September 2021 the USA sanctioned a Bitcoin-Electronically traded fund (ETF) which is similar to buying shares.  Europe and many other countries including Canada have also introduced these options. 

6* Pension fund managers are getting involved too. In a study carried out by Nairametrics, using various crypto exchanges data feeds results show many Pension Funds, Hedge Funds and Family Offices around the world, are increasingly going into crypto assets because of its low correlation to other financial assets and low-cost transactional charges in executing large trades.

7* Digital currency is the future. We already think nothing of having our bank/visa card swiped to pay for transactions and now many exchanges selling Bitcoin offer Visa cards that can be used in the same way. Instead of debiting your Euros from your bank account, your crypto asset can be debited to pay for your groceries. In addition, for every purchase you get at least 1% cash back, which is discounting every purchase you make!

8* Deflationary. With the deflationary aspect of Bitcoin almost set in stone compared to the inflationary use of ordinary currency, over time wealth will increase despite debits for occasional day-to-day purchases. Goods are priced in Euros/Dollars/Pounds etc and are bound to increase over time given the huge money printing by worldwide governments. The bottom line is; Flat currency devalues over time, while the value of Bitcoin inflates over time. 

9* Digital Gold now bigger than Silver. Although Bitcoin is classed as ‘digital gold’, but unlike gold, which cannot be used in day-to-day transactions, Bitcoin can already be used in this way. In addition you do not have to hold it in a vault or in your underbuild! Most exchanges now hold the private keys to your investment in highly secure offline (cold storage) wallets which adds to their and the owners’ security. As of November 2021 Bitcoin overtook Silver to become the world’s 7th biggest asset class. It is only a matter of time until Bitcoin overtakes Gold as the premier apex asset class.

10* Privacy. How many of us have failed to pay a bill or tax demand online on time, only to find that that amount has magically disappeared from your bank account? This Cannot Happen With Bitcoin!  

11* Yield of around 5% Per annum. In addition to all this, simply having your chosen exchange hold your asset for you in their custodial wallet will give a yield of around 5% per annum.  In addition to the increase in price expected in Bitcoin over time, when compounded weekly, this can generate a real return in double figures around 100 times more than you would get in a bank. 

12* Bitcoin has now become the safe haven! With many people expecting the stock markets to correct significantly over the coming year, thanks to the crazy gains in stocks during the numerous rounds of money printing, the price of Bitcoin is expected to retain more value in these events and recover more quickly, adding more value to your investment. During the virus crash in March 2020, Bitcoin was at new highs just two months later compared to the Stock Markets, which took 6 months to recover. A decoupling of Bitcoin price action versus traditional markets was seen in October 2021 when the markets dipped around 8% while Bitcoin actually rose 10%. The decoupling looks to be taking effect since Gold was always the safe haven in downturns; however it appears that Bitcoin is becoming the safe haven.

13*. In September 2021, El Salvador becomes the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Now Brazil is the latest country who may soon also enter the Latin American craze for Bitcoin and crypto currency. Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and other Latin American countries are also looking at the possibility of adoption of crypto as legal tender. In Europe, Ukraine are now also looking at future adoption.

14* November 2021, Burger King announced a huge promotional giveaway of digital coins which will not just create awareness, but even greater adoption of crypto. 

15* became the number 1 downloaded APP from the Google app store thanks to their promotional video with Mat Damon extolling the virtues of ‘fortune favors the brave’ tag line!   

16* Hedge Fund Managers are jumping in to add the coin to their portfolios and in an interview with CNBC, the CEO of Coinshares, Danny Masters, said “The absence of Bitcoin in any investment manager’s portfolio has become an asset risk.”

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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. This has never been more true than Bitcoin over the last 10 years.

Wishing all my monthly readers a happy Bitcoin Christmas. Thank you all those who asked for my eBook over the past year. It is still free to all Costa Cálida Chronicle readers and is available by emailing me at

Statutory Risk Warning

Investments can carry both upside and downside risk, so only invest money you can afford to lose.