This month I want to talk about one of my favourite beauty areas – Eyelashes. 

Who doesn’t love long, thick, healthy, fluttery lashes

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, lashes are also for protection and prevent dirt and debris entering the eyes.

When considering Eyelash treatments it is useful to understand a little about the growth of the lashes.

Lashes have a growth cycle of around 12 weeks before naturally shedding.  As each lash is in a different stage of growth from the rest, you can expect to lose around 3-4 lashes every day.

There are a number of options to choose to enhance your lashes, which I will discuss below, but the best place to begin is to take care of your natural lashes and avoid some common mistakes which can cause damage.

If you have straight or droopy lashes, Eyelash curlers are a handy tool to have in your makeup bag, but using them incorrectly could be causing irreparable damage.  Do not curl your lashes with mascara on.  This could cause the lashes to stick to the curler and pull the lashes out – OUCH!!  Instead, curl lashes ‘mascara-free’ using a gently pumping action to avoid over-bending and breaking lashes.

Always remove mascara before going to bed.  Mascara make lashes stiff and inflexible, so if you leave it on while you’re moving around in bed you risk breaking or pulling out lashes while you sleep. On the same subject, when removing eye makeup, remember the skin around the eye area is delicate.  Try pressing a makeup remover-soaked cotton round closed eyes for 30 seconds, then gently pull away to loosen the makeup.

!!A lash pulled out prematurely could take 7-8 weeks to regrow!!

Try one of the numerous lash serums on the market to help lashes grow.

Castor oil applied at night will keep lashes in tip top condition. 

Lashes still unimpressive?

Why not opt for a salon treatment to achieve the lashes you dream of?

Lash lift & tint.

This treatment curls and lifts natural lashes from the root to the tip creating a longer appearance and opening up the eyes for a more youthful look.  Suitable for most people, but especially clients lucky enough to already have reasonably good lashes. The lift lasts around 6 weeks.

Lash extensions.

This is a semi-permanent solution to add length and volume.  Extensions are single synthetic hairs that are added to your natural lashes one by one using a special glue.  Various lengths, thicknesses and curls are available to create a look tailored to you, ranging from completely natural to super glam. Applied correctly, they are completely safe and don’t cause damage to the natural lash.  Because of the lash growth cycle, as explained above, the extensions will shed naturally and be replaced by new growth so you can expect to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks for a maintenance top-up.

!!!Warning – Lash Extensions Can Be Addictive!!!

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