St Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so you deserve to feel gorgeous.  Whether you are having a romantic dinner for two or a night out with girls, here are my top tips to get you ready:

Pucker up & get ready for some lip action!

Exfoliate.   Mix an equal amount of sugar and olive oil to form a paste and apply, or take an old toothbrush to gently slough away the dry flaky skin. 

Lip Balm. After exfoliation, apply a lip balm. Products containing beeswax, Shea butter or oils such as olive and coconut provide your lips with good hydration.  Don’t forget if you are going out in the sun use a sunscreen.  Lips don’t contain melanin so they are susceptible to the damaging sun rays which can cause skin cancer. 

Lipstick. To finish, vamp it up and choose a sexy red lipstick to ensure your lips are irresistibly kissable.

Get de-fuzzed

There is nothing romantic about hairy legs, arm pits and an unruly bikini line.  Book your waxing appointment to ensure you are fuzz-free and sexy on the big night.

Planning on showing a little cleavage?

Pay special attention to the skin on your chest.  The skin on this area has few oil glands so is more susceptible to brown spots and lines. Apply your favourite anti-ageing cream twice a week.  For the finishing touch sweep an illuminating body powder over your collarbones.

Show off those ‘Baby Blues’ with beautiful lashes.

There are numerous ways to enhance your lashes.  A simple lash tint will make a subtle improvement, but there are many other options available today with a much greater impact.  Why not try a Lash Lift?  This procedure uses a type of perm solution to lift the lashes which opens up the eyes to give a much more youthful appearance.  For a much more dramatic look, choose Lash Extensions where individual synthetic lashes are attached to your own natural lash to create fuller, thicker, longer lashes. Results can be natural looking to super volume; the choice is yours.

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Frame the face with groomed brows.

Any face is incomplete without brows.  Whether you have a lot, a little or no brow hair at all, there are a whole spectrum of treatments available to suit your needs, so there is no excuse for bad brows.  These treatments include Tinting and Waxing, Henna Treatment or Brow Lamination.  For a more permanent solution you can opt for Cosmetic Tattooing, Micro-Blading or Powder Brows.

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Top Talons

No look is complete without well-manicured nails.  Book an appointment at your favourite salon for a nail treatment.  Choose a hot red nail colour to turn up the heat. 

You wear it well 

Spritz your favourite fragrance on your pulse points (wrists, behind ears, inner elbows, behind the knees).  These areas give off heat which releases the scent.  Your sense of smell will become desensitised since you first applied, so resist the urge to keep re-applying during the evening.