The death of the Spanish king Charles II in 1700, childless and heirless, led to a war of succession between the supporters of the Austrian Habsburgs and those of the French Bourbon dynasty.

In an attempt to capture the City of Murcia, a combined British and Dutch force faced against the Spanish garrison on September 4th 1706 on what is now the district of Santa María de Garcia, Murcia. The victory of the Spanish army led by Bishop Luis de Belluga at the Battle of the “Huerto de las Bombas” helped turn the tide of the war in favor of the Bourbons, which have held the Spanish Crown to this day.

Since 2015, the Municipal Board of Santa María de Garcia – San Antonio has been working on the recovery of our historical heritage.

To commemorate this important moment in our history, the Municipal Board will hold a conference panel with renowned historians in the halls of the Real Casino de Murcia, on Wednesday September 6th from 7.30pm.

On Saturday morning, September 9th, the Municipal Board will set up an Outdoor Exhibition in the gardens where the battle took place, from 12pm. Along with explanatory panels and a diorama that reproduces the battle, a group of historical re-enactors dressed in authentic period costume will help explain the events. The board will also provide an English translation of the panels for the visitors.

At 12.30pm a Memorial Service will be held and a plaque will be unveiled to serve not only as a commemoration of the battle, but also to pay homage to the combatants of both sides.

All activities are free and open to the public, and from 2.15pm visitors and participants will be greeted with free paella and refreshments.

Programme of Events
Battle of the “Huerto de las Bombas” 2017

Wednesday September 6th
12pm – Press Conference and official presentation of the poster
Venue – Municipal Center of Sta. Maria de Gracia, San Antonio.
7.30pm – Panel Discussion on the importance of the Battle of the “Huerto de las Bombas” for the War of Spanish Succession.
Venue – Real Casino of Murcia.

Saturday September 9th
12pm – Opening of the Exhibition.

12.30pm – Memorial Service and Unveiling the Commemorative Plaque.

2.15pm – Paella and refreshments for the visitors.
Venue – Plaza Bohemia, Murcia.
For more information about any of the days’ events, contact Dragontours on or Municipal Board on