Some people may remember Barbara Franken when she lived on Mazarrón Country Club and ran Sacred Hearts. She loves to express ‘all that she is’ through her Writing, Art & Photography and consciously be her ‘Magnificent Self’ inspiring others along the way.

She now lives with her husband Tom on the beautiful Mediterranean Coast in Benalmadena and together they enjoy a relaxed and balanced life, walking in nature, meeting interesting people, tasting good foods and wines and travelling to see friends and family.

Barbara has had a magical experience journeying to this moment and has written her first book: ‘Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom’ to share with others about the potential of the New Energy Consciousness and how it inspires each person to choose love over fear and allow them to be their Magnificent Master Creator self, creating themselves and their life anew beyond anything known.

Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom
‘Consciousness expands and Humankind takes a quantum leap into the unknown as they discover how to go beyond seduction, limitation, the ailing and ageing body and the death trigger. They enjoy living and creating as Loving Divine Human Beings in a timeless space of freedom and an expanding field of potential where they experience rejuvenation, abundance and an infinite flow of pure love and joy.’

The story is a magnificent love affair between Divine and Human selves who find each other after many years apart and become one. It is an amazing journey that begins with the questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is life all about?’

The more she explores, the more aware she becomes and her mind grows quiet, allowing her to perceive nine Elemental Beings who come to remind her of her core truths which take her from a world of fear, struggle and limitation into a New Energy Consciousness of love, grace and freedom. In this loving space she is able to observe and feel the natural integration of her Divine and Human self, coming together as one Loving and Magnificent Master Creator who chooses, expresses and creates heart and soul passion on the physical plane and beyond; beyond imagination, words and everything that is known.’

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Barbara has created a Spanish non-profit Asociacion Conciencia Magnificato raise money from the sale of her books and
Master Creator Classes to fund Project Magnificent Consciousness, a Creative Art Project she brings into local schools and after-schools to inspire young children through fun, playful and creative art to explore, question, experience, discover and express the magnificent consciousness they are and all life is.