Now that Summer and those very hot days are behind us, the B Clean volunteers are back to work although, as Colin, the organiser commented “Are 3 people enough for a group?” Not an unreasonable question in the circumstances. 

The new season started with volunteers clearing the area around the garden skips on the lower B car park. They have strimmed around the whole area and crammed as much of the overflowing green waste back into the skips as they could.  Colin said “Before anyone else writes to me on the subject, we have requested that the skips be emptied more frequently and were told that this was not possible.  By this I assume that the Town Hall does not want to spend any more money!”  In the circumstances a more common sense approach to skip usage might be sensible such as using all of the containers, not just the bit nearest the tarmac and not leaving waste in plastic sacks which trap air and take up additional space.

An ongoing problem has been funding.

If residents and visitors to B sector don’t donate cash, B Clean will run out of money to fund much of the work required.  Early September gave an example of the extremes in people’s attitudes to donating.  During one session, just 14.64€ was given; hardly impressive when one considers how much is expected of the group, all of whom give their time and effort freely. On the other hand, Pam, a wonderfully generous lady from C/Ermita de Hornera gave B Clean a donation of 50€. Unfortunately, she didn’t give her full name, but thank you very much. It really is appreciated. Pam also helped the group clean up around the recycling area on the dual carriageway central roundabout which was a total mess.  It was incredible the amount of rubbish which had somehow ‘missed’ the giant openings in the various bins.

The volunteers’ enthusiasm for cleaning up other folk’s rubbish isn’t infinite. The following week the false pepper trees along the rambla road were pruned as they grow amazingly fast and needed another haircut before they grew over the road.  Attention was then transferred to the Yucca plantation at the bottom of Avda de las Covachos.  The sight of people working for the community seems to have sparked an increase in donations with one collection amounting to just under 115€. The group can now consider new projects although, as usual, this will be subject to there being enough volunteers to undertake the work as the current turn out is barely sufficient to cover basic maintenance needs.  Plans were made to position the large boulders donated earlier this year, on the Consum roundabout.

We are hoping to have our AGM in November when various matters will be discussed. It will be good if the meeting can hear that new volunteers have come forward to join the work party and donations continue to achieve a level that allows the group to develop new projects to improve the sector.