The September update from B Clean is usually a fairly brief one as it is prepared in August when the working party stands down due to the high temperatures, but this year things are a bit different. As there was quite a backlog of work caused by the bad weather conditions earlier in the year, the volunteers decided to close down a little later than usual as they wanted to finish some of the outstanding jobs.

One area that had been chosen as being in need of attention was that by the pedestrian bridge that crosses the motorway. The wet weather had encouraged a huge number of weeds, (like everywhere else!!), so the group was keen to tidy this up. Their target was achieved over a few sessions due to the sheer scale of the job and the usual lack of volunteer numbers. The workers were very happy to get drinks from the staff in the Tangerina fuel station and the gesture was much appreciated.

The break may well have needed a short suspension as it was noted that irresponsible people had made the green garden skips look a terrible mess again and at the time of writing this was under review. It would be nice to not have to mention the ridiculous conduct of certain individuals who seem to take great pleasure in dumping their waste around the urbanisation instead of disposing of it correctly.

Another issue that crops up regularly, is the question of the palm tree maintenance on the main roads. This has been paid for by the gardening groups time and time again, with little interest being shown by the Town Hall whose responsibility the work is.  It is now being suggested that the council will undertake work on the main roads and roundabouts which would take a huge load off the backs of the gardening groups. At the moment, we are awaiting to hear exactly what is being proposed and how and when any work will be undertaken.  Definitely a case of ‘Watch this space’ but probably don’t get too optimistic!