At the time of writing, many of the restrictions arising from the pandemic are being relaxed and, hopefully, this has continued.

Our small band of Volunteers have been at work now that is permitted and they have been tackling our oleander hedging. This is a pretty big job as the oleanders extend from the Welcome Wall at the entrance to Camposol B to the car park and then from the Cultural Centre to the Lavanda/Ciclamen roundabout. It then continues down to the rambla from the petanca pitch, so scores of plants need to be trimmed to keep them tidy and encourage a colourful display of flowers at the roadside.  Unfortunately, this work, which is undertaken solely by our Volunteer Team, has taken longer than usual this year due to the earlier restrictions and the continuing lack of people turning out to help. Sadly, late trimming will result in the reduction in the number of blossoms this year. Obviously, any residents who are disappointed will probably guess that the situation can be avoided by more people volunteering to help.

Some of our Volunteers turned out on Good Friday for some additional work, namely moving some boulders that had been donated by a local resident. These were taken up to the roundabout by the petrol station to be used in a landscaping project when enough Volunteers are available. On this particular occasion, 3 Volunteers shifted well over half a ton of rock.

Colin Thackwell is continuing with his Static Bike Marathons which are helping to restore some of the group’s funds after paying for the palm cutting again this year.

We need to build up a contingency fund for the future, so all donations and payment of membership subscriptions will be very welcome as will Volunteers to help out with the maintenance etc. Please use our email or Facebook page to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you!