Although the weather hasn’t been brilliant so far this year, B Clean Volunteers have been working around the sector as usual. This year has brought us the chance to start a new project which is really great as it is something a bit more creative than the usual run of weeding, pruning, cleaning up etc.

At our AGM last year members were informed that, due to restrictions caused by Covid lockdowns and other problems, we had built up a healthy bank balance which we wanted to spend to the benefit of the community. After discussion, it was agreed that a new garden and open area should be created at the end of C/Tamariz by the bins, which has been something of an eyesore for many years.  Rubbish and recycling containers are never going to be an attractive feature, but their presence has attracted the attention of fly tippers who have been constantly dumping stuff by the bins. As this area is visible to people passing through Camposol B as well as local residents, it really hasn’t been our best feature. The plan, which is already well in hand, is to have the area cleared and make somewhere that residents can take a break whilst walking from the Commercial Centre or the Social Centre to their homes on B, or even further along. It will also give local residents an open area where they can sit and while away the time in the sunshine (when it comes back, of course…).

At the time of writing, the whole site has been levelled and the rubbish dumped has been removed. Planting has commenced and the area, which is roughly triangular, will eventually be enclosed by hedging on two sides. No doubt the scheme will ‘develop’ as time passes as there is always the possibility that we will acquire donations of ‘things’ useful to such an area. It will be interesting to see this new amenity gradually come into being over the coming months.

Another project tackled by the Volunteers was the Petanca Pitch which had become overgrown and a bit scruffy. As usual, our small but hard working team got to grips with this and the pitch is now looking welcoming and ready for play when folk are ready to get out and enjoy the outdoors a bit more.

The work party Volunteers has grown in number, but new faces are always welcome and, hopefully, seeing the positive changes being made, will encourage more support. Donations are always welcome and, as usual, we do ask that membership fees are paid.