So much of life involves opposites. Hot weather and cold, having enough money and not having enough, and being contented and being frustrated are just a few examples. 

Operating a gardening group on Camposol throws up plenty of opposites although, sometimes we wonder if the positive/negative balance is tending to go the wrong way. Our hard-working volunteers are definitely a plus point but with so much work to do and so few available it is a constant uphill struggle. Matters are not helped by the negative attitude of those who dump their rubbish indiscriminately or vandalise our environment. Recently, volunteers have spent a considerable number of man (person?) hours trimming the oleander hedges and cleaning up around the garden waste skips where huge amounts, including household garbage and builders’ rubbish had been dumped creating a potential fire risk.

Happy and unhappy are two opposites as well and it is likely that the council is happy as, once again, B Clean has paid for the trimming of the palm trees on the main roads on the sector. B Clean members are unhappy as the money that was donated as a result of Colin Thackwell’s bike marathon efforts has had to be used to pay for this work to be undertaken by professional gardeners. It should be remembered that B Clean is a registered charity and should not be expected to be paying for essential work that needs to be carried out by the council. 

It would help us to maintain a positive attitude if more residents became involved with the group’s work and, ideally, gave a little of their time to help the small work party. Please!!