During the last few weeks, B Clean has been working at several locations around Camposol B. Much of the work has been general maintenance, although a fair bit of their time has been wasted due to inconsiderate behaviour and vandalism.

Maintenance and plant rescue was carried out around the lower B car park with some of the old olive trees on the adjoining campo being tidied up as well as trying to save the long-suffering yucca plants down by the green waste skips. The yuccas are constantly at risk from thieves stealing some and others being damaged by thoughtless behaviour. Most recently, some idiot buried some by dumping a huge amount of waste by the skips!

The Welcome Wall at the entrance to Camposol B has been repainted and volunteers have also trimmed back a tree that was overhanging the road and causing a hazard to the urbanisation’s Campobus.

The team is still working on their latest project, but this was not helped by somebody stealing from the site, as well as cutting down a sapling in an act of mindless vandalism.

In the meantime, the group awaits to see what the newly appointed gardening contractors will do. At the time of writing, workers have been seen at locations which have already been attended to by B Clean, so one hopes that some lines of communication can be established in the near future.

As usual, thanks are due to Colin Thackwell for his continuing fund raising efforts for the group as well as other worthy causes. Donations are always welcome (as well as outstanding membership subscriptions!!) and new volunteers are always needed of course!