Weeds, weeds and more weeds! It’s that time of the year when all the lovely plants come into blossom accompanied by the ones we aren’t so keen on. Somebody once said that a weed was just a flower in the wrong place. There are clearly too many wrong places!  B Clean’s annual battle with the pesky green invaders is under way once more and the volunteers have been working on the dual carriageway, around the footbridge and other primary locations. Even the previously pristine lines of potatoes in the fields adjoining Camposol B are under assault with unwanted greenery and the farm hands have already been out with their massive spraying machine – perhaps they could take a quick buzz up and down our roads!

Over the last few years, we have been contacted with various requests and ideas for work and projects. Unfortunately these ideas often come from residents in areas where there is very little apparent support for the group and we have no choice but to concentrate on the main jobs due to very limited funds and even more limited manpower. The obvious answer is for more people to assist the general maintenance work and for a bit more cash to be donated so that we can purchase the equipment and materials needed.

Like all charitable concerns, B Clean needs financial support. That comes from one source only; members’ subscriptions and donations.  Colin Thackwell’s marathon cycling efforts in recent months have boosted the bucket collections to around 80€ per week although usually we get 40-60€. 

There are 800+ homes on Camposol B, so as a very rough average, weekly donations are equivalent to less than 10 cents per property!  If each owner gave just 20 cents it would bring in over 150€ per week which would ensure that we would not have to drain the group’s finances for routine maintenance such as the palm cutting. Bearing in mind that Camposol B is home to a very popular commercial sector used by residents and visitors from all over Camposol and the immediate locality, one might expect some of those people passing through the sector would donate too.  How much could that generate? Who knows? Whatever it could be, it’s got to be significantly more than the income we are working with at present. Needless to say, if we had more than the current 60+ members of B Clean, the subscriptions income could help out too.  Please remember that nobody in the group claims expenses, so the use of members’ own equipment, vehicles, phones etc etc comes from their own pockets.

Sorry to gripe, but we really need funds and people to continue looking after Camposol B, so if you can assist in either, or both capacities, it would be really appreciated.

All enquiries to B Clean on bcleangardening@gmail.com or Facebook B Clean Community Gardening.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!