At the time of writing, the lockdown has started to ease and, hopefully, the situation will be continuing to improve by the time this edition of the Costa Cálida Chronicle is published.

In accordance with the regulations, B Clean’s volunteer workers have been ‘standing down’, but doubtless ready and raring to go as soon as permitted (!!!). It has become apparent that some residents on Camposol B and elsewhere have been doing some ‘guerrilla gardening’ by picking up rubbish and pulling out roadside weeds whilst out and about. Thanks to everybody who has been helping out like that; even a small effort makes a difference and does make the main work a little easier. Whilst nature has been making lots of extra work it has been kind enough to supply a continuing display of colour with the wild flowers on the various areas of campo. The oleanders on C/Lavanda that were planted by B Clean have been particularly attractive.

Unfortunately, some residents have not seen the campo as an attractive natural resource but as a dumping ground for their waste, especially rubble and plant material. The latter is particularly irritating as the council skips on the lower B car park have been available throughout the lockdown and have been emptied as necessary. Once the work parties can resume, it is hoped that some of this fly-tipped material can be cleared away thus returning the countryside to its natural state. This work will be conducted in addition to the normal gardening works so will not interrupt the necessary weeding, litter-picking etc carried out by volunteers.

Getting our sector looking nice and tidy again is going to take time, so we would ask residents to bear with us whilst we play ‘catch-up’. The hot weather will force a cessation of outside activities soon in any event, so time will be of the essence. Some additional hands in the meantime, will make things move along so much faster, so, once again, please give some thought to supporting B Clean. Donations of your cash are always welcome, but volunteers to help out with the work are worth their weight in gold (and that could be quite a lot after the lockdown snacking…).

We can be contacted through our Facebook page, so please get in touch. For now, all best wishes to our members and supporters in these challenging times.

Stay safe. Stay healthy