After a somewhat unpredictable start to the season with some pretty awful weather, including that notorious Red Rain, B Clean has made considerable progress with this year’s work schedule.

Although volunteer numbers for the work party remain low, there has been plenty of weed spraying, thus allowing the overgrown plants to be cleared away at last. Perhaps the effort put into maintaining Camposol by the garden groups has stirred the local council into joining in, with workers appearing at various locations around the urbanisation. We have no idea of course if this is just an isolated burst of support, but it would be nice if it continued, bearing in mind the number of residents here and the financial contribution they make to the local economy.

After much work spread over many weeks due to the weather, B Clean has been able to complete its refurbishment of the petanca pitches on the sector. Hopefully this area will be enjoyed and respected by the local community. Sadly, respect is lacking amongst the usual rabble who are happy to dump rubbish around the urbanisation. Several incidents have been recorded and we would remind people that this type of antisocial behaviour should be reported if seen.