It’s mid-June at the time of writing and the temperature is already drifting over the 30ºC mark so our weekly work party will be keeping an eye on the thermometer. Each Summer, the Volunteers take a well-deserved break to keep them safe and allow them time to enjoy the sunshine.

B Clean and the small group of members who undertake the physical work required, have had all sorts of problems to face yet again. Last year it was the lockdown and the uncertainty of how the situation was going to be dealt with and the various restrictions on travel and meeting.  This drifted from 2020 into 2021, but things started improving and we were able to get some work done, although, once again, B Clean’s finances suffered a major blow when we had to use a large part of the funds to pay for work on the public roads; namely trimming the palms. As the local council has met its responsibilities in this connection elsewhere on Camposol, we can only hope that the group will not have to pay out next time.

B Clean has been able to undertake the oleander trimming and weed spraying throughout the main thoroughfares of Camposol B, which is quite remarkable when it is realised that the work party usually comprises of just four people. Sadly, requests for help from residents seem to have fallen on deaf ears once again. There is only so much the Volunteers can do! One concern was for the oleanders which were forming their flower buds when trimming was underway and was, inevitably, going to reduce the number of blooms on show. We have been very lucky that, with skill and an awful lot of hard work, the roadside blooms have produced a wonderful display this year.

As the health situation improves and restrictions ease, we can only hope that more residents will give some serious thought to helping out with the maintenance of Camposol B. 

If you can’t attend the work parties on a Tuesday morning, financial assistance is always welcomed either by making certain that some money goes into the bucket collections or other donations are made.

Joining B Clean and ensuring that your 5€ monthly subscription fee is paid is also a great help!

We really do need your help, so please contact B Clean on or go to our Facebook page B Clean Community Gardening.