Here we are in July. Well, I hope we are, as this is being written in June and recently it has become even harder to predict what is on the cards for the future. About the only thing you can guarantee is that the weeds will be springing up, but fortunately, the B Clean Working Party has been permitted to start trying to clear B sector once again. This is a race against the calendar as the temperature is creeping up and it will be too hot to work safely very soon.

Unfortunately, when B Clean returned to work on Tuesday 2nd June, it was clear that it was going to be an uphill struggle as just 3 volunteers turned out! It had already been decided that during June the team would be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays to try and catch up with the weeds. Work commenced at the bottom of Avda de los Covachos (dual carriageway) where the weeds on the central reservation were really thick and, over a period of 3½ hours the three volunteers strimmed the central reservation and cleared the kerbs. As the area cleared was about 300m (uphill), it doesn’t take much effort to calculate that each worker cleared 100m! To put that into simple terms, each volunteer cleared an area roughly equivalent from Mariano’s to the Farmacia, so it is obvious that more help is desperately needed. Without more volunteers we should only just about finish this area before we stand down for the summer.

Unfortunately many residents seem to feel that keeping Camposol clean and tidy is somebody else’s job, with some people not even clearing the weeds from the pavements outside their own front gates. The priority for B Clean has to be ‘common’ areas where there are no residents to undertake maintenance. Sadly, this apathy is also visible in the campo where rubbish is constantly being dumped. As much of the vegetation is now very dry there is a good chance that one of the many broken bottles that have been discarded will start a fire. We are trying to clear some of the rubbish, but once again, it all comes down to man-power, so we do what we can with very limited resources. In the meantime if anyone can spare a couple of hours once a week to pitch in and help, they can make some new friends and their presence will be much appreciated.

Keep safe and healthy folks!