Here we are in 2023, so B Clean wishes everybody a very happy New Year. The start of the year simply means that we re-set the work-schedule calendar, having dealt with the last 12 month’s tasks and problems, so it’s back to square one with the Winter jobs and the lead up to Spring.

The end of 2022 was occupied by quite a few ‘tidying up’ type jobs. Weed suppressant membrane has been put down in appropriate locations after weeding and spraying. One of the areas that received attention was the dual carriageway by the garage and the footbridge across the motorway. Apart from making the central reservation look more attractive, the Volunteers tidied up where the tree had been cut back just outside the petrol station. Arrangements were made for gravel to be delivered and this was laid on membrane on the approach to the bridge which has made a vast improvement to the appearance of that area. Unfortunately, due to a public holiday, the gravel had to be delivered the day before the work was scheduled and it needed to be shifted before any of it mysteriously vanished!! This urgency led to the team having to work in the rain, but they got on with the task nevertheless and have expressed their thanks to CDA Fitness for providing very welcome hot drinks.

In our last article, we mentioned that B Clean Volunteers will no longer try to keep the green skips in the lower car park tidy. In mid-December this was quite apparent as, despite the skips being overfilled and overflowing onto the surrounding ground, people continued to dump their waste there and the skips had almost vanished under a huge pile of rubbish about 2 metres high. It is something of a mystery as to why there is so much reluctance to use the free ecoparque just down the road. You can take a full car load and the staff will cheerfully assist you to unload. Perhaps somebody can explain why piling rubbish up in a dangerous manner and in a way that will attract vermin, is better than a short drive to the ecoparque!

Finally, as always, if you have a little free time to help the Volunteers, that would be really appreciated and we also appreciate donations either through membership fees or bucket collections. Your support is what allows the group to continue working to maintain and improve Camposol B.