We are nearly into a New Year at the time of writing and, once again, it’s fingers crossed for something better in 2022.

Our work party is still in single figures, plus the volunteers who work individually on various jobs and projects. Despite us seeking the assistance of professional gardeners, nobody has come forward, so it seems that people won’t work on Camposol B even if money is on offer. 

Routine maintenance work continues, not helped by the thieves who seem to regard Camposol as theirs to plunder when the mood takes them. In the space of a few weeks, we have had 18 oleander plants stolen from the side of the car park, a commemorative plaque from a memorial bench and some seating from the petanca pitch. To add insult to injury, the stolen seating was then smashed up and scattered across the nearby campo. As usual, nobody apparently saw any of this happening and B Clean picks up the bill and clears up the mess.

Once again, as at the time of writing (December), there seems to be no sign of the council complying with its responsibilities concerning trimming the main road palm trees. As a dying one by the car park has been reported without any sign of council action, pessimism is probably justified. One can only speculate on the legal situation when the palm weevil infestation spreads, leading to the strong possibility that larger trees might collapse, possibly onto passing vehicles.

So, not the best of endings to 2021, but in a spirit of optimism, we wish you all a Happy New Year!